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“I couldn’t be happier with the job that was done. They did a great job on the installation, no hassle and I could rest easy knowing my children were safe from the pool”

Christy Patterson

“We got a quote in no time at all. The install happening the next morning. Very friendly and hard working guys. The pool was safe until I had my permanent fence installed . Highly recommend.”

Brad Smith

“We have had Alpine out a couple of times when we bought and sold numerous properties and have regularly referred them to friends & family. I think they are THE pool fence company to use.

Sarah Morgan

Pool Hard Covers Available

Looking for a secure and dependable pool cover? Alpine Leisure Group goes beyond temporary fencing. We offer high-quality hard pool covers, perfect for both new pool construction and existing pools. Our covers provide a strong, walkable surface that protects your pool during construction and keeps it safe and clean when not in use. Located in Queensland and Northern Rivers of NSW, Alpine Leisure Group is your award winning company for temporary fencing and superior pool hard covers. Contact us today to discuss your pool safety needs.

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At Alpine, we provide top-notch, reliable, and secure temporary fencing solutions that are easy to install and dismantle. You can focus on your project while we take care of the rest!

Quality Pool Hard Covers

No matter the size of your pool, we’ve got you covered with our quality hard covers for pools. Ensure your site is safe today

Streamlined Process

Our turnaround process is quick, efficient & safe, so you can get started on your pool project right away

Quality Fencing Solutions

Our proven track record and reviews show we are serious about safety with setting up temporary construction fencing installations

Pool Safety

Our fencing & hard pool covers can easily be installed & dismantled on any surface — giving you flexibility and safety on the job

Secure Your Queensland Pool Project with Compliant Pool Hard Covers

Building a pool in Queensland or Northern NSW? Ensure safety and compliance with a high-quality pool hard cover. Pool hard covers provide a vital layer of protection for your pool construction project, safeguarding children, pets, and the public from accidental falls. Here at Alpine Leisure Group, we offer a diverse range of pool hard covers specifically designed to meet Queensland and Northern NSW regulations.

Why Choose Alpine Pool Hard Covers for Your Project?

  • Enhanced Safety: Compliant pool hard covers prevent accidental falls into the pool during construction, keeping children, pets, and wildlife safe.
  • Peace of Mind: Focus on your project with the confidence that your pool area is secure and meets all local regulations.
  • Reduced Debris: Pool hard covers help minimise the amount of leaves, debris, and construction materials entering the pool, saving time and resources on cleaning once construction is complete.
  • Durability: Our pool hard covers are built to withstand Queensland’s weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection throughout your project.
  • Variety of Options: We offer a variety of pool hard cover solutions to suit different pool shapes and sizes.

    Contact us today to learn more about our quality construction pool hard cover options and solutions.


    Queensland Pool Hard Covers: Safety and Compliance for Your Project

    Ensure safety and compliance with a high-quality pool hard cover from Alpine Leisure Group. We offer a diverse range of pool hard covers specifically designed to meet Queensland regulations.

    Alpine Leisure Group Streamlines Your Pool Project

    We take the hassle out of installing a compliant pool hard cover in Queensland:

    • Expert Delivery and Installation: Our experienced and certified team will ensure your chosen pool hard cover is installed according to Queensland regulations, guaranteeing a safe and secure fit for your pool project.
    • Customisable Solutions: We offer a variety of pool hard cover options to suit different pool shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your Queensland project.
    • Post-Installation Support: Our team is available to answer any questions and provide ongoing support throughout your construction project.

    Our service locations include Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and Ballina.

    Queensland Pool Hard Cover Expertise: Alpine Delivers Safety & Compliance

    Alpine Leisure Group is your trusted partner for pool hard covers that meet all Queensland regulations and prioritize safety. We offer a winning combination of local expertise, top-quality products, competitive rates, and exceptional customer service.

    Why Choose Alpine for Your Pool Hard Cover?

    • Local Expertise: Our team has extensive experience navigating the pool construction landscape and regulations. We’ll ensure your chosen pool hard cover is fully compliant, giving you peace of mind.
    • Top-Quality, Queensland-Approved Pool Hard Covers: Our pool hard covers are built to exceed Queensland’s safety and durability requirements. They’ll provide a secure and long-lasting barrier throughout your pool project.
    • Competitive Rates for Queensland Projects: We offer competitive pricing and flexible options to fit your budget, making pool hard covers an affordable solution for any Queensland pool project.
    • Exceptional Customer Service in Queensland: Our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to providing exceptional service throughout the process. This includes ensuring your chosen pool hard cover meets all Queensland regulations and addressing any questions you may have.

    Get a Free Quote and Peace of Mind for Your Queensland Pool Project

    Protect your pool project, ensure safety compliance, and achieve peace of mind with a pool hard cover from Alpine Leisure Group. Contact us today for a free quote and discuss your specific requirements. We’ll ensure you have the right pool hard cover solution that meets Queensland regulations and keeps your project safe.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Alpine Temporary Fencing designed to be child-proof?

    One of our main objectives is to provide solutions that enhance safety, especially for children. Our temporary pool fencing and construction fencing hire solutions are designed to be difficult for children to climb over, under, or through. This enhances their effectiveness in preventing injury or accidental drownings.

    How does Alpine Temporary Fencing ensure the safety and security of its fences?

    We pride ourselves on providing solutions that prioritise safety and security. All our temporary pool fencing options strictly adhere to Queensland”s safety regulations, providing not only compliance with the law but ensuring maximum security for your loved ones. We use high-quality, durable materials to ensure the strength and stability of our fences.

    Can Alpine Temporary Fencing withstand different weather conditions?

    Yes, we have designed our temporary pool fences with durability and weather resistance in mind. Made from high-quality materials, our fences are designed to endure and stay stable in various weather conditions such as wind, rain, or extreme temperatures.

    What types of materials are used in your temporary pool fence hire solutions?

    We use a variety of high-quality materials in our pool fencing solutions to ensure strength, durability, and weather resistance. The specific materials used can vary depending on the style and design chosen. But regardless of the materials, you can rest assured that safety and durability are our top priorities. It’s why we’re in business.

    What is the cost of temporary pool fence hire?

    At Alpine Temporary Fencing, we offer competitive and cost-effective solutions for your temporary pool fencing needs. While the exact cost can depend on various factors including the specific design and size of the fencing needed, we commit to providing quality solutions that deliver excellent value for money.